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4 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “Fly By Night (Criminal Elements Book 2)” By Cris & Clare Meyers

Secrets Are Revealed!

High energy banter and frantic situations make for a tense read in Cris and Clare Meyers’ paranormal mystery thriller, “Fly by Night”. In this second chapter of the Criminal Elements Novel Series, Meyers and Meyers feature their cantankerous and irritable tekkie Rook as their main protagonist who is trying to get his team back together after a heist gone bad (from the first book in the series – “Playing with Fire”). The shape-shifter has his work cut out for him since everyone, including Medium (aka Carlos), is still nursing old wounds and holding considerable grudges after having nearly lost their lives in the prior caper run by Rook.

The team of Meyers and Meyers work well together to continue expanding their series plot line, and what awaits readers in Book 3 of the Criminal Elements series is eagerly anticipated. There is some amazing writing in “Fly by Night” with language that smacks the senses and sparks the imagination, like when Rook presents the reader with a perfect image of the scene he is describing … “He looked at me then at a derelict building. Not sure what happened to it, but it was in bad shape. The place wasn't completely destroyed—just mostly—one of those ruins that looked like a stiff breeze could push it over. Yet it persisted through storm and rain and snow, just giving the fully intact buildings around it a big, crumbly finger.”

Fans of “Playing with Fire” will find more than a few secrets revealed about Renee, Stone, Grace, and Medium while Rook tries to placate everyone by being a good boy. There is wit, there is charm, and there is action, and all in all, I found “Fly by Night” to be a satisfying read. The authors have succeeded in building a complicated world where Talents—those with special paranormal abilities—continue to display their skills in an ever-evolving story. And yet, the narrative’s high energy banter, combined with the frantic thoughts of their protagonist (Rook), makes this book an often difficult read. The tale also seems bereft of “normal” everyday human beings. In fact, it’s not very clear whether or not the world is populated only by Talents in Book 2 since humans are hardly ever mentioned and are most definitely not part of the main story. Although this is not necessarily a negative if the authors intended their world to be this way, I couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened had a human with no paranormal powers been thrown into the mix. “Fly by Night” is also a bit long on scheming and short on action compared to its elder sibling, “Playing with Fire”. But Rook’s contemplations on the lives and skills of his teammates and his strange sense of humor, along with his strenuous efforts to develop his supernatural powers, held my interest enough to enjoy the discovery that he was a much more likeable character than I ever could have imagined.

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