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5 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “Sweet Discovery (The Jessica Sweet Trilogy Volume 2)” by Aliya DalRae

Will Have You Thirsting For More … Much, Much More!

Discovery is the theme of Aliya DalRae’s second novel in The Jessica Sweet Trilogy, “Sweet Discovery”, and the revelations come at you faster than a spray of bullets as Jessica and Raven from “Sweet Vengeance”—Book 1 of DalRae’s trilogy—are subject to a “What’s New and Who’s Who?” of their local paranormal world. That DalRae is capable of weaving together such a twisted and complex tale of past loves, murder, and deceit is a testament to her ability as a writer to keep her readers motivated to find out the truth—even beyond the final word in this book’s chapter. In doing so, this author whets the appetite for her eagerly anticipated final chapter in The Jessica Sweet Trilogy, “Sweet Destiny”.

DalRae’s writing is powerful and motivating. She sets up a world in which vampires, werewolves, shifters, and sorcerers (Well, maybe not so much the sorcerers … ) mingle freely with human society as easily as flower-bedecked-chapeau’d southern belles at derby season. Humans just can’t seem to distinguish their friendly neighborhood looming and luscious paranormals until the heat is on—when said vamps, weres, and shifters are sating their intense desires for sex and mayhem and having their intended targets running for their lives. Peppered generously with quirky humor and daring prattle, DalRae makes her characters seem as though they’re experiencing just another day at the local bar. The full development of her characters’ personalities and their back-stories, however, is meaty and complex, with their pasts often going back centuries. In some cases, the author reveals lost legacies and sordid secrets that not only have the reader reeling but whets their appetite with a glimpse of what deliciousness is yet to come.

“Sweet Discovery is not a read for the faint of heart with its strong sexual situations and graphic violence, but it is a tale masterfully told and easily digested by anyone with a thirst for something unique. This adult read is a teeth-chattering, pulse-pounding, electric read that will have you thirsting and craving for more—much, much more!

Find “Sweet Discovery (The Jessica Sweet Trilogy Volume 2)” by Aliya DalRae on Amazon and Kindle at


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