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4 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “Duby’s Doctor” by Iris Chacon

A Mystery Worth Solving!

You’ll have to keep your sense of intuition in check once you dive into Iris Chacon’s mystery romance novel, “Duby’s Doctor”, since what appears to be a simple romance read on the outside is very story different on the inside. Although Chacon’s opening chapters seem standard fare for a romantic setup—doctor meets mysterious and handsome patient who turns up out of nowhere and saves his life and limb—hidden clues and markers provide great clarity into the true identity of amnesiac “Jean Deaux” (the “John Doe” equivalent that the hospital staff has dubbed their enigmatic, French-speaking mystery man, Yves Dubreau).

A light read for the most part, “Duby’s Doctor” alternates between serious drama and light comedy as Chacon takes the reader through Doctor Mitchell Oberon’s purposeful quest to discover Jean/Yves past while tending to his scars—both outer and inner. Jean/Duby is a character who has suffered a significant brain trauma—who must learn to speak, read, write, and mature from a 5-year-old level to his current age of maturity—and whom Chacon has imbued with great depth of character despite his new childlike personality, as she has in meeting the challenge of creating the good doctor and other primary characters involved in solving the mystery of Jean Deux’s true and complex identity. The author’s keen sense of humor and irony combine to lend flavor and drama to the tale, as we see Doctor Mitchell morph from the role of medical professional to Duby’s personal caretaker, a situation that puts her in a most unenviable, oftentimes embarrassing, and eventually grave position. The author’s book does not lack descriptive passages either; her bright and colorful visions of her home state, Florida, are put to paper in a way that readers will instantly entertain as they are led through lush green landscapes, sandy beaches swaying with palm trees, and lavish mansions where crime bosses and warlords plot and play. Well written and competently told, “Duby’s Doctor” is a fine weekend read that I would recommend to most anyone.

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