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4 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “Bound (The Mystery of Landon Miller Book 2)” by R.M. Gauthier

Love May Not Be Enough To Conquer All!

Queen of the cliffhangers, R.M. Gauthier, picks up her shocking conclusion from her first book in The Mystery of Landon Miller novel series, “Control”, and masterfully continues weaving this shocking tale of suspense, mystery, and intrigue in her second installment, “Bound”. If you thought Alexandria Shaw’s life underwent a major transformation in “Control”, “Bound” takes what was at best an uncertain destiny for her two lead characters—Lexi and Landon—and completely turns it on its head. With Landon abducted by a former associate, we find Lexi doggedly taking up the hunt for the man she loves. The problem is, her insistence on being part of Landon’s recovery is against the advice of even her greatest supporters—and with good reason. What she finds is a tangled web of lies and deceit leading to a dangerous underground world of sexual abduction, criminal activities, and secret organizations.

Gauthier’s “Bound” is a fast-paced psychological drama driven by sexual compulsions, narcissism, paranoia, and obsession. As the author explores Alexandria Shaw’s thought processes and singular motivation to regain the object of her affection, she reveals a woman who—despite getting little feedback on the status of her missing paramour and being kept completely in the dark as to the motivation for his abduction from the professional agencies working his case—will stop at nothing to achieve her goal. Through her main character’s petulant and often irrational behavior, Gauthier clearly demonstrates the irrational nature and narrow-minded focus that blinds Lexi her to the pain and destruction she leaves in her wake, causing a detriment to the achievement of her own goals as well as foiling the plans of the agencies working so hard to find the missing Miller and bring him to safety. In many ways, Gauthier creates an anti-heroine in Alexandria Shaw, who—despite all her good intentions—manages to get so caught up in her own needs, she is blind to the fact that others whom she and Landon love will end up paying the ultimate price.

Whereas I held some degree of empathy, and even admiration, for the Alexandria Shaw that Gauthier created in “Control”, I found her character annoying and hard to tolerate in “Bound”. She seemed quite vacuous through most of the novel, failing to see her inadequacies, and rather than utilize her past experiences to her best advantage, reverting to immature behavior, childish outbursts, and a whole gamut of hysterics in order to pursue her own agenda above all others. Fortunately, Gauthier saves the plot from Alexandria’s many implosions by choosing to reveal those tempting bits and pieces of the mysterious Mr. Miller’s past that I so looked forward to in “Control”. And if you’re looking for the same sort of foreplay and sexual content you found in “Control”, I wish to warn you that you won’t find any of that in “Bound”. What you will learn, however, is that what binds two people together can drastically alter both familial ties and loyal friendships, revealing that love may not be enough to conquer all—even for the two hearts at the eye of this seemingly impenetrable storm.

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