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5 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “Blue Lucy Revelation: Angels of Another Kind” by Tiffee Jasso

Suit-Up and Reserve Your Flight Now!

Fans of Sci-fi’s Firefly (aka Serenity) will enjoy Author Tiffee Jasso’s “Blue Lucy Revelation: Angels of Another Kind” as they follow the crew’s epic discovery of the first alien shipwreck ever found in the history of humankind. This incredible discovery is only surpassed by the revelation that the alien ship, found on Mars, contains two cryogenically suspended human life forms who we later learn are the universe’s greatest hope for the continuation of the human species. What should be a boon to the crew of the Blue Lucy, however, quickly turns into a curse as their attempts to hold onto their claim and save the lives of the two aliens puts the salvagers and everyone else in mortal danger as attempts by governments and mega-corporations to secure the greatest find in history—each for their own purposes—collide.

Like any great Sci-fi saga, “Blue Lucy Revelation: Angels of Another Kind” contains colorful characters, imaginative back-stories, complex plots, and mind-blowing technology. Jasso is quite thorough in developing diverse characters and explaining their back-stories, however, with a cast of thousands, this complex space saga may require a Who’s-Who Flow-Chart just to sort out the individuals and their cadres who are all trying to get their hands on the Blue Lucy and her precious cargo. On the other hand, it’s more than obvious that Jasso has diligently researched future trends in computer sciences, new technology, and space travel. She creates an impressive and viable prognosis of Earth’s future, intricately weaving together our own Genesis story with the development of alien races and cultures. Her visionary outlook on the politics, law, sociology, culture, and lifestyles are plausible concepts that will convince any reader that the future she portrays may indeed come to pass someday.

Author Tiffee Jasso is at minimum a visionary, and “Blue Lucy Revelation” is her muse. And like other Sci-Fi luminaries—like Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek) and Frank Hebert (Dune), Jasso’s ultimate message warns us to be wary of the future, taking steps to prevent megalomaniacs, mega-corporations, and powerful governments from running amok while keeping hope alive for the everyday heroes ever present in our lives. The Lucy’s destiny—like ours—inevitably depends on the bravery and fortitude of a small group of human beings intent on surviving a holocaust in order to preserve the lives of those who really matter ... the Innocents.

All in all, “Blue Lucy Revelation: Angels of Another Kind” is a seat-of-your-pants, high-flying adventure well worth taking, and I recommend readers suit-up and reserve their flights now!

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