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4 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “Crossroads of Frozen Eternity (Mystical Island Trilogy Book 2)” by Megan

Surprising Plot Twists and Revelations!

They say that books can take a reader anywhere the imagination dares to tread and Megan Cutler’s “Crossroads of Frozen Eternity”, the second novel in her Mystical Island Trilogy, certainly proves the point as her time-shifting, planet-hopping island sets her main characters on yet another mind-bending, multi-dimensional adventure. Cutler’s tale, which is a continuation of her “Island of Lost Forevers (Book 1)”, hardly allows the reader to settle into the familiarity of the initial story before a confusing shift of circumstances results in a brand new plotline in which our protagonists have been forced into a merger of alternate realities which must be attended to before the island destroys itself and everyone on it.

The author’s ability to set up her reader to believe one thing before she suddenly shifts realities provides a great reading experience. There are, however, occasions when the story lags a bit, perhaps due to characters’ overactive musings and inner dialogue which seems somewhat pointless and repetitive at times. Fortunately, Cutler compensates with surprising plot twists and revelations that cause the reader to pause and reflect on what is truly happening in this other-worldly fantasy.

Although the author’s characters are well-developed and more certain of themselves in Book 1, “Island of Lost Forevers”, one character in particular becomes rather one-dimensional in Book 2, “Crossroads of Eternity”, suffering from an exhaustive case of obsessive paranoia, self-doubt, and low self-esteem while barely lifting a finger to make things better. By the time this character finally recuses himself from the familial relationship, and abandons the idyllic life he never realized he had possessed all along, we find little to mourn from his choice to leave the island.

I would not recommend reading “Crossroads of Eternity” without first having read “Island of Lost Forevers” since this tale relies heavily on the background information and story development in Book 1. Fans of “Island of Lost Forevers” will surely enjoy the continuation of our protagonists’ quest to solve the mysteries of the island, and having enjoyed both of Cutler’s novels myself, I certainly look forward to reading the rest of her Mystical Island Trilogy.

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