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4 Star IHIBRP Review: “Adam’s Bride: Brothers of Clear Water Book 1” by Mildred B. Lewis

A Novel that Shows the Past Can Come Back With a Vengeance!

This sweet romance, about 1890’s Oregonian frontier rancher Adam Jefferson—eldest of five younger brothers orphaned just that same year—and his frantic week-long search to find a wife to take home and tend to his family and farmhouse, is a charming read for those who appreciate simple romantic fare. The focus of Adam’s passion is a true prize and a rare challenger in the form of Camille “Millie” DuFraine, a savvy New Yorker who has come to the town of Clear Water under false pretenses—and who has absolutely no intention of being wooed and married-off by week’s end. Little do either one of them realize what Fate has in store for them and the good folk of Clear Water.

Author Mildred Lewis certainly winds a descriptive tale in “Adam’s Bride”. She takes the reader through the initial meeting of her two protagonists—Adam and Millie—by having them relive one life-experience after another as she peels back their history one layer at a time to reveal their true wants and desires, along with the tremendous obstacles and both personal and public misgivings that stand in their way. Although the overall story itself may be a bit predictable, the author holds her readers interest well enough with a trail of side-stories, unforeseeable circumstances, and heart-stopping surprises that will keep the pages turning quickly. And when her two protagonists, Adam and Millie, finally seem close to achieving their goals, the author expertly shifts the focus of her story to the looming threat that always comes from living in a small western town where everyone knows your name—and where the past can come back with a vengeance.

By setting the overall scene in the town’s only hotel, Lewis allows readers to experience not only the everyday chores necessary to living life during this era but the great diversity of characters frequenting that type of establishment—from ranch hands to the more genteel travelers and businessmen just passing through the area. It should be noted that since Millie is African American, and certain women in the story are sometimes berated and treated as second-class citizens, the author also calls attention to the issue of equality and racism which was a prevalent theme being dealt with even on the furthest frontiers of 1890’s America. Her attention to History and her detailed account of living life in 1890’s Oregon create a believable tale that provides great insight into the fashion, culture, education, economics, and religious practices of the day. Although certain language, used sparingly and only when necessary to the story, may cause some discomfort to sensitive readers, I recommend this novel to anyone looking for a thought-provoking light period romance.

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