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5 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “The Color of Evil: Spectrum of Color Book Two” by S. K. Wee

Colored With Full-on Imagery That Pops to Life!

If you’re a fan of S. K. Wee’s first novel, “Absence of Color: Spectrum of Color Book One”, you’re going to turn into a loyal follower of her Spectrum of Color Novel Series for life after reading her second installment in the series, “Color of Evil: Spectrum of Color Book Two”! Thank goodness, Frankie, Darby, Wagner, Connie, Twig, Sophia, Rose, and all the wonderful characters from “Absence of Color” are back to tell us all about their amazing adventures … And, amazing they are!

Author S.K. Wee’s writing has greatly improved since “Absence of Color (Book One)” which I personally rated as a 5-Stars novel for its amazing intellect and detail. Gone are the grammatical errors that plagued portions of Wee’s first book, and the descriptive nature of her scenes are greatly enhanced—“colored”, if you will allow the obvious reference—with full-on imagery that pops to life in the reader’s imagination, providing an enriching and pure immersive experience. Best of all, Wee’s characters have greatly benefited from her increasing intuition and insightfulness into the human psyche. In each character, Wee has formed a fully-intact, unique and separate personality, complete with an individual set of hopes and dreams, yet deeply plagued by their own self-doubts and insecurities. The characters are older and wiser in “Color of Evil Book Two”, coming into their own as Wee ups the ante by confronting them with choices about duty, career, loyalty, friendship, and yes … long-term relationships, aka LOVE!

Although it would be difficult reading “Color of Evil (Book Two)” as a standalone novel, once one steps into this spell-binding journey, any reader would agree it’s darn-near impossible to put this engaging, alternatively dark and humorous book down—even for a moment! Its huge cast of characters and complex relationships have expanded extensively since “Absence of Color (Book One)”, and any reader or fan would be justified in seizing the opportunity to pull up stakes in their own life and hop right into this alternative-reality fantasy tale to sail alongside Wagner and Sophia on ships headed to other ports of call, take up residence in one of the many splendid chambers in Darby’s recovered family castle, or venture out into the unknown with Frankie and her Color Guard on peace-keeping missions fraught with danger!

As a new ruling family rises to the forefront of the Spectrum of Color series—along with a whole new set of exciting adventures and villains yet to battle—you’re going to want to catch up and get started on this truly inspiring and absorbing series! I say, “Bring it on, and bring it on now! After all, there are many more novels in the Spectrum of Color Novel Series yet to come—Thank Wee!”

“Absence of Color” and “Color of Evil”—both part of the Spectrum of Color Novel Series—can be found on Amazon and Kindle here:

Find “Absence of Color: Spectrum of Evil Book One” at

Find “Color of Evil: Spectrum of Evil Book Two” at


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