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4 Star IHIBRP Book Review: "Island of Lost Forevers" (Mystical Island Trilogy Book 1) by M

A Magical Mystery Tour Into The Great Unknown!

What would you give for a private weekend getaway with the one person with whom you feel that special connection … of whom you wonder if there is more to your relationship than first meets the eye? Flirty, imaginative, and filled with adventure, Megan Cutler & James Abendroth’s “Island of Lost Forevers” takes us on a magical mystery tour into the great unknown. After all, what could be more exciting than being among the first few people to explore a mysterious island that just popped into existence seemingly from nowhere and only 50 miles off the California coastline?! “Island of Lost Forevers” is just such an escape—at least it seems so on the surface ...

As our story begins, academics Catilen Taylor and Damian Cooke have a long-term, great working-relationship. And although both independently feel that their friendship is heading in a positive direction, toward a deeper romantic involvement, neither wants to sacrifice their sound professional partnership by being the one to risk it all and take that first tenuous step toward a greater intimacy. Primed and ready to take a break from the pressures of academia, both jump at the opportunity to investigate the sudden unexplained appearance of a small island off the coast of San Francisco—hoping to grasp the chance to get away from it all and maybe even explore their burgeoning relationship a bit further. Eager to learn more about the supernatural forces propelling this strange isle, both also wonder if this same “force” might lie behind their own natural abilities to use magic, for Catilen is a highly-skilled and talented Empath—a dedicated follower of Wicca and worshipper of the Mother Goddess—while Damian is a mage—an experienced sorcerer with a unique and impressive set of powers of his own. Together, the two of them are uniquely qualified to take on this unusual scientific/paranormal investigation.

In “Island of Lost Forevers”, the authors construct an impressive story that rapidly builds on itself. Step by step, they lead the reader on an oftentimes perilous path as their protagonists turn from investigators to investigatees subjected to the incomprehensible and seemingly cruel demands of the island’s ruler, Lord Sentomuro. The authors quickly delve into the strength of Cat and Damian’s personal bond as Sentomuro’s sorcery works hard to keep them apart. Purposely Isolated and unable to make regular contact with one another, our two protagonists are a case study in romantic drama—alternately floundering and growing apart as Lord Sentomuro exerts his charm and influence on his latest love interest, Catilen, while punishing her beau, Damian, and making him look the fool at each and every turn.

Cutler and Abendroth’s ability to set their scenes within such benign yet gorgeous settings provides an effective mask for the dark, looming force that threatens to steal Catilen away and utterly destroy Damian. Our young couple is led into an unprecedented exploration into the metaphysical and magical realms as their professional objectivity and natural curiosity are tested against their mounting realization that—at some point—one will ultimately have to sacrifice their self for the other’s survival. Readers will find themselves swept away in the protagonists’ plight, and as the story winds its way through one colorful scene to the next, they will continue to wonder if the Lord of the Island is serving the forces of good or evil, and whether Catilen will make the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the survival of the one she loves.

This novel—Book 1 in the Mystical Island Trilogy—is a diverse adventure; for fans of Sci-Fi with its aspects of time-shifting and multi-dimensional travel, for romantics with its focus on the battle between Damian and Sentomoru for Catilen’s heart, for sleuths with its abundance of puzzling mysteries, and of course, for lovers of fantasy and the paranormal with its presentations of Wicca, Goddess worship, and practicing magic all taking center stage. I recommend “Island of Lost Forevers” for anyone looking for such a read.

Find “Island of Lost Forevers (Mystical Island Trilogy Book 1) by Megan Cutler and James Abendroth on Amazon and Kindle at


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