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4 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “Zin’s Wild Ride: A Shiva XIV Story” by Lyra Shanti

An All-Too-Brief But Engaging Tale!

Fans of Lyra Shanti’s popular Sci-Fi space opera, the Shiva XIV novel series, will appreciate this micro-story starring Ayn’s best friend, Prince Zin Ra—Son of Lod Enra, King of Planet Ohr. In this back-story prequel to “Shiva XIV: The Veil of Truth (Book 1)”, the planet is celebrating the 8-year-old prince’s birthday when he suddenly decides to abandon his mathematical and scientific studies by stealing a space vehicle and zooming off into the stars—thereby defying his father’s orders by seeking out his own destiny as a musician. Unfortunately, at such a tender young age, Zin has absolutely no experience piloting any sort of intergalactic vessel, and his trip turns out to be much more than he bargained for. The lesson Zin learns is a costly one as he finds himself stuck in an asteroid belt with no idea how to escape or return home.

Shanti’s ability to create an alternate reality and conjure a vivid vision of her character defying his father and succumbing to his heart’s desires is a testament to her expert writing skills. This story is a short read at only 10 pages, taking me just under ten minutes to complete. But, the laughter, surprise, and empathy I experienced during my read was well-worth the time taken to enjoy this all-too-brief, engaging tale.

Find Lyra Shanti’s “Zin’s Wild Ride: A Shiva XIV Story” on Amazon and Kindle at


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