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5 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “The Guardians: Forest of the Ancestors” by K. A. Denver

These Witches Surely Can Conjure Up A Grand Ole Spell!

I loved this book! Truly, I did! I fell in love with Author K.A. Denver’s imaginative, mysterious, and suspenseful story about a coven of witches (Denver uses the term “witch” interchangeably between men and women), forced to defend their ancestral territory against a band of dark witches, who want nothing more than to wipe their peace-loving clan from the face of the earth!

What’s a coven to do when confronted with ultimate annihilation? Ask Denver! Through her ingenuity, she has planned and structured her coven in the manner of an efficient small government, complete with an apt leader—a lovely, motherly witch named Leeza whose beauty hides her maternal ferocity and fighting savvy. She is most definitely the WIC—Witch in Charge—the President and General guiding the defenses of her clan by controlling an elite military-like force consisting of five very capable and handsome (of course) young men—best-friends who have been tied together as a band of brothers under foster mother Leeza’s direction from a young age and, in most cases, due to a heavy personal loss.

Eli, the main protagonist, is a likeable, everyday sort of guy with the usual guy problems—like an ex-girlfriend whom he just can’t seem to shake, and a cat—his familiar—who seems as hostile and detached from his master as his ex on a really bad day. As a witch, Eli is completely dedicated to his coven, particularly his brothers—his jovial cadre of friends—who seem to tease and egg him on every chance they get. I enjoyed all the kidding and camaraderie of this tight-knit group of young men enough, but the humor hits new heights when the new police officer in town, Alex, not only catches Eli’s eye when she turns up at the scene of a disaster, but also his respect as she becomes directly involved in the battle between covens. From the start, their relationship is a back and forth tug-of-war as Eli tries to keep her out of harm’s way and Alex continues to completely ignore him.

Denver’s ability to bring her characters to life and make them appealing to her readers is quite apparent mere paragraphs into the novel. Her character development is thorough in explaining how this group of witches came to be. Likewise, the relationships in this novel are genuine and believable, and the characters bond easily whether they are friend or foe. Eli and his team are completely and utterly committed to the defense of not only their own clan but to the mere mortals who inhabit the quaint small town in which they all reside, and the reader believes the danger is real as beloved characters are lost in battle.

All in all, there are many mysteries that remain to be solved in Denver’s novel—enough, I hope, to keep her busy writing sequels for “The Guardians” for a long time to come. This novel is only an introduction of better things to come as the pasts of Eli, Alex, the brotherhood, and the history of warring covens come to light. Denver does an effective job of creating a cliff-hanger by holding back on a few secrets, but wow, she surely can conjure up a grand ole spell! One thing is for certain, I will not be left behind wondering how things work out for Eli and his friends because I intend to follow this novel series closely and right through until “The End”! Quite honestly, if I had one wish to make, there would be no end to this high-action, riveting tale!

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