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5 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “Waiting” by R.M. Gauthier

A Sensitive Same-Sex Romance with a Surprising Twist!

If you’re looking for a sensitive same-sex romance story that can be read in the time it takes you to eat lunch or commute to and from work, R.M. Gauthier’s “Waiting” more than fits the bill! In this character study—that begins with a teen boy learning to deal with his sexuality—we meet Tristan, our main protagonist. Fearful of coming out to his family–let alone the world, we follow our teenage protagonist as he joins his elder brother for a weekend tour of his prospective college where he secretly falls for the outgoing and handsome best friend, Jeremy. A naïve Tristan is victimized at a frat party, but saved at the last moment by the very object of his affection. Poor Tristan cannot cope with the embarrassment of being found in such a compromising position. He forsakes his love interest even before he can confess his attraction to him. Several years go by and Tristan remains alone and celibate; suffering the pangs of loneliness, heartbreak, and unrequited love. As he matures into adulthood, and finally accepts his identity as a gay man, he finds himself introduced to a certain nightclub that draws him into a secret world … the world BDSM relationships. Here, Tristan can go incognito and lose himself in the pleasures of the flesh, but can he ever truly find love?

Gauthier’s sensitivity to the topic and tender treatment of Tristan’s angst demonstrates her ability to feel a very special affinity for her main character. She does not put Tristan through more than he can handle, allows him time to fully explore his sexuality, and—just when you think all might be for naught—pulls him back from the brink, sending him in a whole new direction with a new life plan. The story is well-developed and well-written, and the characters feel quite real. It’s easy to immerse yourself in Tristan’s story and cheer for him when things take a sudden turn. When an author can accomplish these goals in a story as compact as “Waiting”, it’s easy to declare this novella a masterpiece.

A note to the reader: “Waiting” is very loosely based on R.M. Gauthier’s dynamic mystery thriller novel, “Control”. However, Landon Miller’s infamous nightclub only provides a backdrop to Tristan’s personal story. This novella can easily be enjoyed as a stand-alone read.

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