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5 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “Nova” by Joanne Van Leerdam

"Nova" is, in all its glory, simply stunning!

There is something I must explain to my readers before I begin my review of Joanne Van Leerdam’s “Nova”. Having a young adult son who is a published poet, former National Poetry Slam (NPS) finalist, and winner of numerous poetry awards, I tend, as a rule, not to not to gravitate toward books containing written poetry. For me, flowery odes of artist’s musing on an ideal utopia, a glorious sunset, or an unbound love hold no comparison to the gritty, heart-wrenching, and soul-grabbing performances that represent that dynamic genre of poetry. I confess that I’ve attended more than a few live slam poetry performances in my time, and I now find it quite difficult to simply sit still in a quiet room and read through a book of poetry. And—I’ll freely admit this because I can’t possibly make myself look like more of a snubby-street-snob—I’m a die-hard slam poetry fan who prefers the raw emotion connected to a live slam poetry performance over the passivity of reading the written word … That is until now, when a small miracle came to me in the form of “Nova”!

To my amazement, my affinity for the written poetic form was heightened when I began reading Van Leerdam’s masterpiece. Almost from the beginning, her poems felt like old familiar friends as I poured over the words already scratching at the surface of my bias. These poems touched my heart on a level I had seldom felt before. Van Leerdam bares her heart and soul to the world and takes us along on her life’s journey, and as we ride the wind with the poet in command, what gorgeous imagery and tremendous emotions sing through her words! “Nova” is, in all its glory, simply stunning!

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