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5 Star IHIBRP Book Review: "Shiva XIV (Book 2) The Veil of Truth" by Lyra Shanti

Absolutely Unforgettable!

From the very start of this highly imaginative and captivating novel series, Author Lyra Shanti grabs the reader's interest, taking us on an epic journey through space - and sometimes time - that leads one to the Un galaxy where the denizens of various worlds fight for power, freedom, and justice. As we pick up the story in book two, Ayn - the namesake and main character of the Shiva XIV novel series - is in hiding. A young man now, he has yet to accept who he is, and he is nowhere near fulfilling his destiny to become the Bodanya - the long-awaited messiah and intended leader of the Un galaxy. In the meantime, leaders and want-to-be leaders based on other worlds are planning and plotting to assume the presumably dead Bodanya's throne, while other, less fortunate citizens of the galaxy eke out a means to survive the new trials and tribulations they must bear as a result of the supposedly successful assassination of Ayn and the ruling hierarchy on his home planet, Deius.

As Shanti guides us through this elaborate tale, one is oftentimes taken by surprise at the twists and turns of this epic page-turner that is filled with thrills and chills enough to affect even the most mundane and skeptical reader. Just when one believes they have the plot of Shiva XIV figured out, and senses the direction in which the story is headed, Shanti expertly shifts direction or diverts one's attention by introducing a new catalyst that elicits doubt about whether any or all of her brilliant cast of main and secondary characters will still be standing by the end of the novel. As the reader is swept up in the individual fates and fortunes of Shanti's main characters, the intricacy of their lives and back-stories weave together seamlessly, propelling the story forward against a complex, multi-cultural union of nations seeking to realize their individual destinies in a galaxy torn apart by a despicable act of terrorism that may lead to an all out war of the worlds.

This author is an expert at world building and character development, and she has us fully convinced that the people we encounter in her novels are real and the events that take place in this galaxy far, far away will have a huge impact on the fate of the entire universe. Her level of writing - as I stated in my book review for Shiva XIV (Book 1) - is on par with such Sci-Fi luminaries as George Lucas, Frank Hebert, and Ray Bradbury. Where most Sci-Fi sagas are barely believable, the intensity and vibrancy of Shanti's characters, cultures, religions, and politics ensure this author's work will not only be most memorable but absolutely unforgettable. I highly recommend the entire Shiva XIV novel series. And now, you must excuse me as I abandon you here and head off to read Shiva XIV (Book 3) - The Riddle of the Gods, for I cannot wait a moment longer and risk delaying this incomparable journey through the Un galaxy!


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