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Announcing Our Round 18 IHI Book Review Project Qualifiers!

Congratulations to the following authors whose books recently qualified for the Indies Helping Indies Book Review Project program! Watch for each of these books/authors to appear in the IHIBRP section on our website soon!

"Graysen Cooper" by Robin Rance

"Masked Conspiracy (A Noah Knowles Thriller)" by EC Fisher

"Light's Eyes (Light in the Darkness Book 2)" by Yvette Bostic

"Plumb Twisted (A Fortuna Texas Novel" by Rochelle Bradley

"Vengeance of Hope: Can Freedom Ever Be For All" by PJ Berman

"Second to Surrender (Moonlight Rogues Book 2)" by Alexa Whitewolf

"Instant Wisdom: 20 Easy Ways to Get Smart Fast (The Wiseism Series)" by Ruth Burgess

"Merry Apocalypse (The Holiday Collection Book 2)" by C. A. King

* "Ties of Blood and Bone: The Second Book of Binding (The Books of Binding 2)" by A. E. Lowan

* "Breakdown" by Deborah Teller Scott

Note: The above books are listed in no particular order. Books which have been marked with an asterisk (*) have been accepted to the IHIBRP program by special circumstance or arrangement.

My thanks and best wishes to each of the authors participating in this round of the IHIBRP submission process! I hope those of you who did not qualify for this round will consider submitting your book to the IHI Book Review Project again in the near future!


Have You Heard About My Award-Winning IHI Book Review Project?!

Are you an Indie Author with less than 15 Amazon reviews? If so, you may be eligible for my IHI Book Review Project! You’ll receive an IHIBRP Book Review that will be featured on my blogs at my website & on Goodreads, an Amazon “verified purchase” review, and a promotion of your IHIBRP review on Facebook and Twitter. But wait… there’s more—Should your book qualify as an IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Read, you’ll earn an IHIBRP Award Badge which can then be affixed to the cover of your work to tell the world your book has been chosen as an exceptional read! The best part is, there’s absolutely no catch and no hoops to jump through—All I ask is that you pay-it-forward to our Indie community! Interested? Check out my award-winning IHI Book Review Project here!!

And, how would you like to receive regular notifications about our Award-Winning IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Reads and book reviews, FREE access to our Indieverse Resource Library—containing all the latest services, resources, blogs, and insider tips for Indie authors and readers, and updates about all the latest reads from me, Author JB Richards, and my author team—the Indie Fabs? Simply subscribe to our newsletter here!!

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