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IHIBRP's Favorite Spooktacular Reads!

Photo credit: Jaredd Craig for UnSplash

October is the spookiest month of the year!

It’s the time when witches and warlocks, vampires and werewolves,

shifters and changelings, and all sorts of dark creatures of the night

take over our wildest imaginations,

turning a simple evening walk to the corner store with Lucky

into a

monster-around-every-corner, life-threatening situation!

In honor of this month’s frightful airs,

we’ve put together our favorite

Indies Helping Indies Book Review Project

4 & 5-Star rated

Spooktacular Horror Reads!

Just click the author's name and

we’ll guide you to their

Amazon Author's Page

where you can find the books listed below and more!

We hope you’ll enjoy these exceptional reads…

After all, they’re penned by Indie authors

who know exactly how to scare the


out of you, and your little dog too!


Aliya DalRae's Jessica Sweet & Fallen Cross Pack Collections!

Daryl J. Ball's "The Tannis Project"!

Kade Cook's "Grey (The Covenant Of The Shadows Book 1)"!

Grace Faolin's "Wolfsbane"!

E.C. Fisher's "The Rain"!

S. Tilghman Hawthorne's "When Shadows Dance"!

C.A. King's Horror Collection!

A. E. Lowan's "Faerie Rising: The First Book Of Binding"!

The Sarah Northwood Horror Collection!

Tabi Slick's "Unforgivables"!

Pike Stephenson's "Frenzy"!

David W. Thompson's The Family Dyer Collection!

The Joanne Van Leerdam Horror Collection!

Alan Zacher's "Murder, Vampires, and Leprechauns"!

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