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SCAM ALERT: Spammers Invading Facebook Book & Readers’ Groups

SCAM ALERT: Various individuals, each of whom is listed as a Gamer on their Facebook profiles, are inundating various Book & Readers’ Groups. Among the ones I am thus far aware of being spammed as of this date, are: All Things Book at Blue's Books at ) Spammers have been repeatedly posting FALSE messages in these Facebook Groups, and possibly others, claiming that a famous celebrity has suddenly passed away. I cannot stress this enough: DO NOT CLICK THE LINK to access the attached article. They provide a link to NBANGLA CULTURE, which I dare not click, and YOU shouldn't either. Please be advised that these celebrity death posts are HOAXES, and clicking the link to view the NBANGLA Culture article may result in your Facebook profile and/or page being hacked. Simon Cowell and Sylvester Stallone are among the celebrities named by these Hoaxes, and representatives of Mr. Stallone have already issued a statement denying these allegations. You can read the full article at I’ve notified the administrators of All Things Books and Blues Books about the Scam Posts, reporting the issue as “False News”, and I trust they will look into the matter and Block these individual scammers from their groups. I’ve also personally BLOCKED each of the FB Account Owners (Gamers) pictured above from any sort of contact. If you are a member of either of these groups, or belong to a FB Group being attacked by these gamer scammers, you too might be a target. If they have access to the group’s Membership list, they have access to YOU. You can protect yourself two ways: Make it a habit to quickly check on each individual who sends you a Friend Request. Click on the individual’s image to view their profile/page. If their FB Profile indicates that they’re a Gamer, choose the Delete option on the Friend Request If you wish to Block the individual within the spammed FB Group, simply click the three dots on the upper right side of their post, click Report Post to Group Admins on the List that pops up, and click False News. Once the Thank You message confirms your report, click Block (Name/Title’s) profile to keep them from harassing you or your FB page. Don’t fall for these Spammer Scams. DO NOT click any links contained in their posts. Decline their Friend Requests, don’t Invite them to your pages, and/or notify the Group Admins as outlined above and move on to something more worthy of your time and effort. In other words, toss these smelly catfish back in their murky pond and walk away. Many thanks to my more than 20k social media followers, who have enjoyed my social media posts and awarded my Facebook author’s page a 5-Star rating! For more great articles like this, click my image icon to the left of this post and follow me now. And please, feel free to share this post! By the way, all my books are available on Amazon, Kindle, & Goodreads with easy one-step ordering through my ad-free website at #ScamAlert #catfishing #socialmediascams #spammingscams #emailscams #bookscams #spammers #hackers #Gamers #NbanglaCulture #NbanglaCultureScam #TheWritersCorner #writingscams #writingcommunity #writerscommunity #writerslife #WriterBeware #authorcommunity #authorslife #Indieauthors #Indiecommunity #selfpublished #selfpublishing #authorssupportingauthors #WriterBeware #Indieverse #AuthorJBRichards

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