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"Trumpery Resistance" by J. Steven Young - IHIBRP 5-Star Book Review

A Controversial LGBT Sci-Fi Thriller With A Cautionary Warning For Our Times!

Overview: It’s the year 2169 and MacKenzie Dillon is serving as a Protectorate soldier in the New Republic—The new order that was created from the former United States after the president lost his sanity and declared permanent martial law. Now, America is a dictatorship and the people are strictly confined to a new caste system that keeps everyone under close scrutiny. When a disillusioned MacKenzie is recruited by a rebel force and his eyes are opened to the existing truth and injustices of the system, his quest to uncover the root of evil begins.

J. Steven Young’s politically charged sci-fi thriller, “Trumpery Resistance”, acts as a dire warning for all Americans to pay close attention to the direction in which the White House is steering the nation during the current administration. The author expresses great insight and intuition into the troubles plaguing the nation and how the rash and oftentimes irrational decisions made by POTUS and his administration will most certainly affect the future.

Author Stephens’ LGBT anti-hero, MacKenzie Dillon, works well within an action-packed plotline that is meant to elevate him from a robot-like Enforcer to a high-ranking First Protectorate in a dangerous position with essentially unbound authority. The opportunity of his promotion provides Dillon certain privileges that allow him to rub elbows with the political elite, work clandestinely within the rebel forces, and live a private life that he could only have dreamed of.

The author tells MacKenzie Dillon’s story from two separate angles; the first, as a high-ranking soldier serving rebel troops intent on exposing a corrupt political system; the second, as an active but cautious LGBT man living life in an extremely intolerant and repressive regime.

Many LGBT readers, as well as immigrants and people of color, will relate to the fight against the intolerant attitudes and discrimination suffered by Stephen’s future society in comparison to today’s political climate. Although I neither support nor condone the views expressed in this novel, I found this story to be a controversial yet intuitive LGBT Sci-fi thriller with a cautionary warning about our current political climate. Those who enjoy reading about world domination, political conspiracies and intrigue, government corruption, military takeovers, and civil resistance will find that this book delivers on all of these aspects.

“Trumpery Resistance” should be treated as an adult read-only. This novel contains graphic violence, as well as adult language and sexual situations. I recommend this read for adults only who enjoy edgy LGBT Sci-fi and dark political thrillers.

Congratulations to the author on this award-winning story! This novel will be permanently featured on my website at under IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Reads!

Find "Trumpery Resistance" by J. Steven Young on Amazon & Kindle here.

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