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Announcing Our Indies Helping Indies Book Review Project (IHIBRP) Round 28 Qualifiers!

Congratulations to the following authors whose books recently qualified for a book review through my Indies Helping Indies Book Review Project (#IHIBRP)! Look for each of these books and their authors to appear on the IHIBRP Book Review Blog on Author JB Richards' Website soon!

"The Parallels (The Sehnsucht Series Book 1)" by Keyla Damaer

"Super Sorry" by C.A. King

"Fanning the Flames: A Dragon Shifter Fated Mates Novel (Flaming Rogues Book 1)" by Alexa Whitewolf

"An Agent For Love: Clean Magical Realism (Romances Beyond Tuala, Book 1)" by Amy Proebstel

"The Man from the Mist: A suspense thriller with noir shades" by P. J. Mann

"Working The Trenches (Rediscovery Book 4)" by Dan Melson

"Sadyra: Epic Fantasy Series (A Banebridge Companion Novel Book 2)" Richard H. Stephens

"Smoky Mist (The Legend of the Ghost Train)" by C.J. Baty

"the flowers need love to grow too" by SJ Blasko

"Guardian (Sky Road Trilogy Book 2)" by Sandra Hurst

*"Who's the Fairest?: A Sisters Grimm Anthology" by Various Authors, Including Rochelle Bradley

*"Dundee Orbital: Tales of the Tri-Cluster Confederation" by Mike Watson

*:The Spires of Dasny: Dragon Riders School" by Cheryl Rush Cowperthwait

*"A Chemical Engineer in the Palm Oil Milling Industry" by Hong Wai Onn

*"The Holy Conspiracy (a novel)" by Kristi Saare Duarte

*"Striking It Rich" by RH Webster

*"The Rite of Abnegation (The Rite of Wands Book 2) by Mackenzie Flohr

Note: The above books are listed in order of entry and will be reviewed according to our first come, first served policy.

My thanks and best wishes to each of the authors participating in this round of the IHIBRP submission process! I hope those of you who did not qualify this month will consider submitting your book to the IHI Book Review Project during our FINAL IHIBRP LIVE Round Submissions scheduled for Wednesday, October 28, 2020 at 2 PM EST on JB Richards’ Author’s Page on Facebook.

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