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"Ascension’s Lure: Magical Realism Fantasy (Book Seven of the Levels Of Ascension)" by Amy

A Riveting, Must-Read Magical Realism Saga!

Overview: An abundance of shocking revelations takes place in this seventh chapter of Author Amy Proebstel’s epic Sci-Fi/Fantasy saga, The Levels Of Ascension Series. When families on Earth and Tuala begin to learn of each other’s existences, everyone is placed in grave danger, and as everything in Amanda’s reality begins to converge, she finds that Magic may be the only key to saving two precious lives and reuniting an estranged family,

Author Amy Proebstel packs a powerful punch in this, her seventh and quite possibly her most exciting chapter yet of her Levels of Ascension Series. The impending danger in this story creates a high degree of tension and expectation, not to mention a highly riveting read. As the author reveals key secrets about Tuala, her story is expertly foreshadowed by political maneuvering, religious upheaval, and cultural changes that will significantly threaten the future existence of both worlds. As Amanda scrambles to fulfill her mission and gather the 13 samaras to connect to them to their rightful owners before all hell breaks loose, the imminent danger looming on the horizon is quite palpable.

Having read all of the preceding books in the Levels of Ascension Series, and having formed a great affinity for Proebstel’s likable and life-like characters, I can truly say that I am looking forward to future chapters in this epic Sci-Fi saga. Proebstel’s knack for developing a unique plotline that is fantastically creative and unique, yet tantalizingly realistic and unpredictable, draws readers deeper and deeper into what is essentially a gripping fictional family saga.

I do strongly advise that “Ascension’s Lure” be read in order as part of the Levels of Ascension Series, but I can basically guarantee that any reader who is fascinated by alternate dimensions, off-world mysteries, otherworldly adventures, and fictional family epics will find much to savor in this riveting, must-read Magical Realism saga.

Congratulations to the author on this award-winning story! This novel will be permanently featured on my website at under IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Reads!

Find "Ascension’s Lure: Magical Realism Fantasy ( Book Seven of the Levels Of Ascension" by Amy Proebstel on Amazon & Kindle here.

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