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Announcing The Round 13 IHI Book Review Project Qualifiers!

Congratulations to the following authors whose books qualified for Round 13 of the Indies Helping Indies Book Review Project! Watch for each of these books/authors to appear on the IHIBRP Book Review section of my website soon at!

"Fairie Rising: The First Book of Binding (The Books of Binding 1) by A.E. Lowan

"Cotton Tale" by E. C. Fisher

"Dancing Through Dreams: Whispers From Beyond Book One" by SK Wee

"The Fractured Ego" by K. G. Petrone

"The Portal Prophecies Volume 1" by C. A. King

"Bitter Prophecy" by S. Tilghman Hawthorne

"Only One Winner: Part 4 of the Ambition & Destiny Series" by VL McBeath

"Reason To Die" by Debbie DeLouise

"Discovering Witchetty Waters (Scarlet and Mason Book 1)" by Trisha J. Kelly

"The Alien Diaries" by Glenn Devlin

*"The Watcher of the Night Sky (The Alonia Series Book 1)" by Rachel Pudsey

*"Zelia" by Zora Marie

Note: The above books are listed in no particular order. Books which have been marked with an asterisk (*) have been accepted to the IHIBRP program by special circumstance or arrangement.

My thanks and best wishes to each of the authors participating in this round of the IHIBRP submission process! I hope those of you who did not qualify this month will consider submitting your book to the IHI Book Review Project again in the near future!


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