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“The One: A Cruise Through the Solar System” by Eric Klein - IHIBRP 5-Star Book Review

A Fun, Fascinating, And Thought-Provoking Space Adventure! All the hallmarks of a luxury space cruise come together in Eric Klein’s “The One: A Cruise Through the Solar System”. Reminiscent of the 1997 Sci-Fi cult classic film, The Fifth Element starring Bruce Willis, “The One” rockets its main character, BJ Armstrong… (Any relation to first-man-on-the-moon Neil? Maybe!) … from one celestial body to another as he’s sent on a grand tour of the solar system in our not-so-distant future.

Speaking of BJ… Despite the man’s humble roots as a humble janitor turned Lottery ticket winner, Klein injects this affable personality with charm, grace, wit, and a touch of the debonair (Can anyone hold their glass up and say, “Armstrong... BJ Armstrong.”?) as he quickly gambles his way toward a sizable sum, dances it up like Fred Astaire (or, if you prefer, Gene Kelly), and comes out the shining-but-bashful hero when he just-so-happens-to save the Captain’s life twice in one day! Of course, there is always the gratitude and interest of the Captain’s daughter to add to his treasure trove of fortunate happenstances.

Klein’s futuristic plotline is a fast-paced, sometimes bullet-style narrative that moves quickly from one scene to the next and his attention to detail in “The One” is commendable. “The One: A Journey Through the Solar System” is one book in which readers will find a copious amount of knowledge—a virtual library, if you will—in just a few short pages. The amount of research incorporated in this novel is impressive—a staggering review of Science, History, and Trivia parceled out by various characters who guide their charges and direct the flow of tourist traffic between stops. In addition, Klein has added visual aids such as maps, ship menus, and rosters, not to mention applicable quotes, both historical and manufactured, that apply to each chapter throughout his novel. These prompts completely immerse readers in the experiences of his highly-likable main character’s journey through the planets before the author finally concludes his epic with rosters of his cast of characters and actual, real-life references to the historical and scientific data contained in this story.

This novel could well qualify as a History of Space Travel course if it wasn’t for the fact that it is, indeed, a novel. Unfortunately, much of Klein’s documentation may be lost on the more casual reader who may decide to forego these lengthy and detailed lessons since their extensive narratives come across as a bit dry and sonorous by the time the midpoint of this story comes around. In the end, however, Science geeks and who-done-it fans who take the time to check out all the references and factoids will appreciate every bit of background Klein’s read has to offer.

Overall “The One” is a fun, fascinating, and thought-provoking space adventure filled with historical trivia, adventure, mystery, suspense, humor, and even a touch of romance. Sci-fi fans and space-history buffs will not be disappointed by this read.

Congratulations to the author on this award-winning story! This novel will be permanently featured on my website at under IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Reads!

Find “The One: A Cruise Through the Solar System” by Eric Klein on Amazon & Kindle here.

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