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4 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “The Deceived” by E C Fisher

Good And Evil Battle It Out In This Sharp Apocalyptic Story!

“The Deceived” is an ultimate good vs. evil saga that blends well-rounded and believable characters in an epic story of love, jealousy, revenge, and redemption. When Lucifer runs amok against the Heavenly order, killing God and placing humanity in the midst of his lust for vengeance, the Archangel Michael is charged by his gravely injured Father with saving both heaven and humanity in this sharp apocalyptic tale by Author E. C. Fisher. As the author picks and chooses featured events from the Bible’s own end of times saga—Revelation—this unique interpretation about how the final war between good and evil will be waged is guaranteed to hypnotize fans of this particular genre.

Fisher’s characters may be somewhat stereotypical and already represented in similar apocalyptic reads. In a typical fall-out shelter set up as an Ark to host survivors of the Four Horsemen’s plagues, the author portrays a standard military/civilian-style set-up, with a Colonel and Madam Mayor who oversee survivors’ needs. Bedraggled survivors seem to accept their lot with few grievances and even less willingness to get out into the world and fight for their freedom—a daunting task considering they are up against supreme evil in the form of Lucifer himself. The exception to this rule is represented by a group of teenagers who flock around Michael seeking out excitement and adventure. Although Fisher’s story essentially focuses on the one-on-one battle between Michael and Lucifer for the dominion of All, it is this rag-tag group of teenagers that the Archangel regretfully recruits to help him battle Lucifer’s minions, lending humor, credence, and sparkle to this otherwise tense and somewhat predictable story.

Despite being an immortal being who was created at the Beginning and lived a thousand lifetimes through a constant cycle of deaths and reincarnation, Michael does seem a bit naïve in his dealing with humans. His team of military teens and pre-teens provide a host of fun and sometimes shocking reveals as the leader of their band learns basic etiquette, modern-day slang, current modes of fashion, and dealing with his newfound paternal role as benefactor to the human race. Fisher’s admirable wit generously peppers this sometimes heavy tale, creating a more well-balanced, intriguing, and enjoyable read despite the ponderousness of the subject matter.

“The Deceived” is imaginative and unique as Author Fisher turns the familiar biblical version of the End Times completely upside-down. Fisher’s creative genius is demonstrated when he bends the original storyline to its breaking point, shocking the faithful and testing the very boundaries of belief by identifying Lucifer as the original author of New Testament, the heartless murderer of God, and—most shocking of all—the true originator and leader behind the Christian faith. However, it is in the innocent hearts and minds of those who hope to own the future that the true revelation comes to light in “The Deceived”—That perhaps the good will inherit the Earth and Heaven will come to those willing to sacrifice their own souls for the benefit of their kin.

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