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5 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “The Adventures of Nick and Billy - The Mystery of the Rougarou” by Micha

Charming, Funny, Rugged, and Terrifying!

“Part monster, part escaped convict and part friendship…” That’s what Author Michael Hoard’s character Nick Landry says as he sums up the amazing adventure he and his friend Billy set out on. But don’t think for one moment that “The Adventures of Nick and Billy” is some whimsical jaunt through boyhood. The author may begin his tale with two starry-eyed youths anticipating the best overnight Louisiana swamp camping trip ever to come, but Nick and Billy’s first trek into the world of boyhood dreams and independent living soon takes a terrifying turn, becoming a life and death struggle they very well may not survive.

What Hoard has in store for his two young explorers is a tough lesson on life, involving an inhospitable landscape, venomous creatures, an escaped convict, and—as if the impending sense of doom wasn’t enough—the dreaded cryptoid known as the “Rougarou”—Louisiana’s version of Bigfoot! The author’s descriptive phrases and vivid conceptualizations of both his characters and their surroundings inject the reader into the story. Nick and Billy, along with their fellow cast-mates, are written as true to any real-life character one could meet. The author’s extensive knowledge of the wilderness, the southern swamps, the use of medicinal plants, and the insatiable curiosity of twelve-year-old boys bent on a mission, enhances this raucous bayou stomp immensely.

Meanwhile, Hoard’s plot line is a real page-turner with one dire event building on the next, making it exceedingly difficult to not consume this tale all in one sitting. Charming, funny, rugged, and terrifying—“The Adventures of Nick and Billy” is certainly one coming-of-age novel I highly recommend for young (over 12) and old alike!

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