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5 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “Lucia’s Lament” by Emily Daniels

A 5 Star Novel All The Way Through!

“Lucia’s Lament” is an absorbing Historical Fiction/Romance based the real-life love letters that were exchanged between Lucia Rix—an actual British nurse volunteer who worked in a field-hospital under the direct supervision of one of the most famous people of the Victorian era, Florence Nightingale—and a severely injured, stubborn, and particularly bad-tempered Scottish Sergeant, Ronald Ferguson, during the Crimean War (circa 1850’s). Emily Daniels’ writing is superb, and her research into this time period is impeccable, covering a wide range of subjects from Victorian etiquette and fashion to standard 19th-Century medical practices to Great Britain’s role in the Crimean War.

“Lucia’s Lament” is a 5 Star novel all the way through. The aforementioned love letters between Rix and Ferguson mold the author’s storyline which, in essence, examines the struggles of young lovers on both sides of a war and the powerful physical, mental, and emotional devastation it causes not only them but their families and companions. All of Daniel’s characters are fully-fleshed—seemingly able to jump off the pages of her novel to tell you their story in person as her beautifully descriptive narrative details their daily joys, disappointment, trials, and triumphs. Her story winds through the years at a sufficient pace to allow the reader to adequately understand and absorb minute details while eliciting a great curiosity as to what lies ahead for her characters. The strong desire to foresee the destiny of Daniel’s main protagonists leads the reader on a memorable foray into a time when elders, morals, and manners ruled, and young adults who were often mature enough to govern their lives in today’s society had to bow down to parental rule and bear familial obligations despite their own desires. “Lucia’s Lament” deserves every bit of a reader’s ardor and full attention. Of course, I would highly recommend this novel as a pleasure read, but I also determine it would make an excellent accompaniment to a textbook course on either History, Women’s Studies, Literature, and, most of all, Historical Fiction/Romance Writing, especially if the course were to be titled “How to Write a Brilliant Novel”.

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