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5 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “The Rite of Wands” by MacKenzie Flohr

A Middle Age Fantasy Fix For The Mind!

Kings, queens, warlocks, seers, evil villains, and dragons populate this exciting Middle Age Sci-fi fantasy adventure (Yes, it’s all that and more!) by Author MacKenzie Flohr. With a colorful display of characters, glorious visions of castles and manor estates, and a story line that could charm the socks off a fox, readers are temptingly pulled into a complex world filled with magic, adventure, and thrills. At first, “Rite of Wands’ seems like simple fare, focusing on the lives of two preteens longing to be more than who they are, and to make a name for themselves in the eyes of their fathers and the kingdom. But as Flohr’s seemingly charming and enrapturing story progresses, the reader is quickly taken off-guard when the author reveals that a subversive assassination plots is already in motion, long-kept secrets are being brought to light, and a terrible darkness is descending upon the land—one that only a 12-year-old boy named Mierta can stop.

Flohr’s protagonists, Mierta and Orlynd, are instantly endearing but intricately complex as they seek their separate destinies and try to discover the truth behind their family secrets. When we first meet Mierta, he is an innocent and rambunctious, trouble-seeking 12-year-old who nearly loses his life trying to become a warlock in order to fulfill a prophecy and prevent a deadly plague that will destroy the world. As he matures into a young adulthood, he is consumed by his one obsession—to find the cure and save not only those unfortunates who have contracted the disease but his father and himself. While Mierta’s obsesses to find this cure, we find his preteen innocence and optimism being ripped away, and as Florh delves into the maturing warlock’s seemingly twisted thinking, she leaves the reader wondering at the duality of his character. The question of whether Mierta is good vs. evil easily drives the reader’s curiosity to find out which side he is playing in this dangerous game of cat and mouse.

Flohr’s other main protagonist, Orlynd, is a somewhat mature but inexperienced 14-year-old who, when he first arrives at King Francis’ court, is merely trying to find his place in the world—a world that has suddenly come crashing down upon him when his father suddenly abandons him to his demanding king. The young wizard’s coming of age is quick and hard as he desperately tries to fulfill his new role as the king’s seer, but finds himself up against a formidable group of spies and conspirators bent on assassinating the ruler and taking over his kingdom.

Flohr’s “The Rite of Wands” is a Middle Age fantasy fix for the mind, and readers will find no issue immersing themselves in this amazing tale which seems destined to become a classic. With enemies lurking all around, the plot thickening, assassins and traitors invading the court, and several more attempts to seize power and rule the kingdom, “The Rite of Wands” is a reader’s dream novel that will definitely leave one wanting more—much, much more.

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