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5 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “A Tale of a Rough Diamond” by P. J. Mann

A Brilliant Gem!

Like Cain and Abel, there is no brotherly love lost between Roger and Stephan Mills, and the total collapse of their family seems inevitable as the scheming and plotting runs rampant in Author P. J. Mann’s mystery-thriller, crime, and suspense novel, “A Tale of a Rough Diamond”. While one brother seeks wealth and power through the benevolence of an infamous crime boss—and constantly inserts himself in his younger brother’s life, the other simply strives to survive on his own—in and out of prison—at the tender age of eighteen. Mann’s “A Tale of a Rough Diamond” outlines the incredible metamorphoses of both men as they battle to reach their main goal; to be completely rid of each other … forever.

The author weaves together an intriguing and believable psychological profile of a fractured family with shattered relationships, terrible betrayals, and broken trust as two young men turn to crime to solve all their problems—one, quite willingly ... the other, not so much. And, it is the dichotomy of these two characters that drives the plot line. Mann’s journey into her characters’ inner psyches and outward displays of rage promises the reader a hair-raising, nail-chewing thrill ride into desire, regret, envy, danger, hatred, vengeance, self-loathing—and, yes—even love.

Although there are places where “A Tale of a Rough Diamond” is repetitive and contains scenes that aren’t essential to the telling of its tale, Mann’s broadly developed characters and their complex motives furnish the “spit and shine” that turn this novel from a lowly rock into a brilliant gem. The story line of “A Tale of a Rough Diamond” defines the author herself as a diamond in the rough, with a narrative that could use just a bit of editorial polish, but not much else to perfect its brilliance. All in all, it is an intensive, provocative, and obsessive read.

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