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4-Star IHIBRP Book Review: “When the Morning Comes” by S.W. Frontz

A Story of Love Vs. Revenge in a Family Saga that Spans Generations!

This story of love vs. revenge swings full circle as two families of differing means and cultures collide, and the acts of one man at the heart of it all makes a decision that wreaks havoc for decades on even the most innocent of victims. S.W. Frontz expertly weaves her tale, “When the Morning Comes”, over the course of four generations in a Mexican drug cartel family bent on vengeance when a major theft and drug deal goes bad. At the center of it all is Samantha, the 17-year-old daughter of crooked diner owner, Nick, who takes advantage of a shootout between the cartel and the law by absconding with all their cash, leaving the poor girl behind to face the consequences of his actions.

Frontz is brilliant in her placement of flashbacks, telling this complicated story in retrospect, revealing just enough for the moment to keep the reader in suspense and definitely wanting more. Samantha’s story is peeled off in layers; from her joy-filled present family life with husband—Sheriff Andy, her lawyer daughter—Delaney, and 16-year-old grandson and football prodigy—Avery, to that terrifying time, just after the incident in the diner, when the Mexican drug dealers wreaked their vengeance on her for her father’s misdeeds. The contrast between the blissful family-life Sam has at the beginning of this story, to the terror she suffers at the hands of the drug dealers in her past, is absolutely heart-wrenching. Here, Frontz is very graphic about the abuse Samantha suffers, and I feel obliged to warn readers that victims of rape and/or sexual abuse may find difficulty dealing with certain scenes in this novel since there exists the potential to trigger episodes of PTSD.

Frontz inserts shocking surprises and the pulse-pounding action sequences that keep her readers on the edge of their seats, biting their fingernails as the ultimate collision between good and evil ensues. Her character development is quite adequate, though slightly stereotypical. All in all, I found “When the Morning Comes” to be a great read. The story ends on a cliffhanger, indicating that the author plans to reveal much more of this saga, and I—for one—am looking forward to reading her sequel!

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