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5 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “The Spark That Left Us” by K. Brooks

One OMG! Moment After Another!

Right from the start, Author K. Brooks’ occult horror novel, “The Spark That Left Us”, will keep you on the edge of your seat as one “OMG!” moment after another shakes you to your core! Brilliantly imaginative, profoundly nerve-wracking, and intensely shocking, THIS is the stuff that fills terror fans’ wildest dreams as three adult siblings, and a man plagued by his past, share a dark legacy that will lead them all back to a soul-less monster that—at all costs—must be defeated.

Brooks sets up a world that seems to simultaneously exist in two separate yet united dimensions—the world of the living and the world of … something else. She masterfully orchestrates what, at first glance, appears to be a chance meeting into a dire life-and-death quest to save a pair of lost souls. Elder sister Adeline wants nothing more than to take care of her carefree and irresponsible younger sibling, Clara, when mystery man, Deke, causes all hell to rain down on her boring suburban life. With supernatural creatures—the likes of which you have never encountered before—begin to pursue our three protagonists, they take to the road with the aim of finding long-lost brother, Reggie (Addie’s twin), and are thrown into a chaotic journey where mayhem, death, and the kind of horror you just can’t look away from rule the road. Brooks sets us all barreling down the path to Hell and the tension is palpable, the trials and tribulations are heart wrenching, and the torture endured by our trio is glorious.

Brook’s novel is not for the faint of heart, but the depth of the story, the innovative means by which the characters strive so very hard to survive, and the twists and turns that leave readers of this amazing fable shrieking in fear makes it a standout in the Occult Horror and Paranormal genres. Brooks definitively earns my respect! Read this novel and you will see how a true Master of Horror can mess up your mind in less than 500 pages! It’s electric!

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