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5 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “Sweet Vengeance” by Aliya DalRae

A Fast-Paced, Stomach-Churning, Down-Right Dangerous Thriller!

I have a confession to make. I’m an historian with an addiction to storybooks, fairy tales, and folklore. In particular, I enjoy a well-written story with well-developed lead characters who are either themselves paranormal beings, or have a great deal of interaction and history with paranormal beings. Now I’m not talking about the odd superhero saga or two—although I do glance at the occasional Marvel comic featuring Thor and the Avengers, and I have a propensity to attend several action movies in any given month—I’m talking about those larger-than-life, mysterious, and complex beings who survive for what seems like forever as they tick off endless tracts of time and bear witness to humankind’s history down through the centuries. Needless to say werewolves, sorcerers, elves, and witches fit well into this category. One “creature” rises above them all … One that I ultimately find to be the most intriguing—the vampire.

In my opinion, there is no paranormal literary indulgence comparable to a great vampire saga. I’ve read and cherished some of the best, and some of the most popular (which does not always indicate “the best”). I’ve delved into the mythical epics developed by the highest caliber of authors in the literary world, authors like Ann Rice and Bram Stoker, all the way to today’s prevailing dames-extraordinaire: Stephanie Meyers (The Twilight Series), and—brand new to the scene—Aliya Dalrea.

When I enter a brand new realm of vampires, I expect a lot, and I want characters that I can easily relate to; human beings who lead full lives with a job, a social life, and an entourage of relatives, coworkers, and friends, who all have the ability to formulate a thought that is actually worthy of consideration. I expect to meet vampires—and other paranormals—who have complex and valid histories, one’s that perhaps correspond to an actual historical event or era, with enemies plotting grand schemes that—in the end—will impact more than just a few neighboring mortals and immortals. I also appreciate a solid timeline, where one can look back into the past and point to an actual recorded event that the author has mentioned and say, “Wow … That really happened!” In particular, I favor a novel that makes me feel as though I am part of the story, and at any given moment, I can reach out and pull on a protagonist’s sleeve to keep them from falling into a life-threatening situation, and maybe save their life in the process! DalRae’s paranormal thriller, “Sweet Vengeance” delivers on each one of these points … and then some!

That being said, I highly recommend “Sweet Vengeance” to any reader looking for a fast-paced, stomach-churning, down-right dangerous adventure that’s filled with thrills, chills, romance, and retribution! Any author that has me laughing out loud one moment, fawning over a handsome leading man (Er … vampire) the next, and has me cowering under the covers shivering in terror, is an author that I will heavily favor and faithfully follow when it comes time to select my next favorite read. I eagerly look forward—with great anticipation I might add—to DalRae’s continuation of The Jessica Sweet Novel Series! She has earned a steadfast and loyal fan in me!


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