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Each of the following books has earned a 5-Star Recommended Read

Book Title
Author Full Name
Promise of the Opal (Gemstones Book 1)
Lyra Shanti
Venomous: Book 2 of the Dusk Eternal
Rachael Dunn
Reecah's Legacy: Epic Fantasy Series (Legends of the Lurker Book 3)
Richard H. Stephens
If We’re Breathing, We’re Serving (Lifting the World Book One)
Ferrell Hornsby
More Than a Fantasy (A Fortuna, Texas Novel Book 3)
Rochelle Bradley
Ascension’s Gate: Magical Realism Fantasy (Book Ten of the Levels of Ascension)
Amy Proebstel
Lucifer’s Revelations
A Stag in the Shadows (Kingdom Of Durundal Book 4)
S.E. Turner
The Innkeeper on the Edge Of Paris
J. Schlenker
Three Times the Lady: The Story of Judith of Flanders (Women of the Dark Ages Book 3)
Anna Chant
The Beacon at Barrington Light: A Novella of the Trilogy-Cluster Confederation
Mike Watson
Stolen Time: A Scottish Time Travel Romance Of A Different Kind (Community Chronicles Book 2) by Jenn Lees
Jenn Lees
Aquila et Noctua
P.J. Mann
Aries Jones (Never Forgot Book 3)
Robin Rance
Between Ascension: Magical Realism Fantasy (Book 9 of the Levels Of Ascension)
Amy Proebstel
The Blue Moon Caper: A Damien Dickens Mystery Book 5
Phyllis Entis
Alice Black
J. Schlenker
Being a P.I.-Again!
Alan Zacher
Alice Longaker
From The Ashes: An Epic Medieval Fantasy Series
S.L. Briden
The Underground Toy Society Helps Ellie Elephant
Jessica D. Adams
Cooking for Halflings & Monsters, Volume 2
Astrid Tuttle Winegar
Reecah’s Gift: Epic Fantasy Series (Legends of the Lurker Book 2)
Richard H. Stephens
Lonely Hearts Complex: A Tombora Springs Novella
SK Wee
Accepting the Ego (Ego Anthology)
K.G. Petrone
Origin of Reality: Third Book in the Source of Power Trilogy
Tony Lindblom
Trumpery Resistance
J. Steven Young
Greg Krojac
Shadows of Faerie
Martin Owton
A Moth in the Flames (Kingdom of Durundal Book 5)
SE Turner
Third to Tumble: A Werewolf Shifter Romance Suspense (Moonlight Rogues Book 3)
Alexa Whitewolf
Preparing The Ground (Preparations For War Book 1)
Dan Melson
Scrooge & the Secret Santa: Klein’s K-9’s book 4 (Klein’s K-9’s Service Dogs)
Marcia James
Family Binds (The Journey Missions Book 2)
Holly Ash
Above Ascension: Magical Realism Fantasy (Book Eight)
Amy Proebstel
The Lucky Strikes
Jenny Medenwald
Stone Cottage (Lake Scugog Ghost Mystery Book 1)
Maighread MacKay
The Underground Toy Society and the Annual Toy Drive
Jessica D. Adams
Vessels (The Dusk Eternal)
Rachael Dunn
A Sorcery of Shadows: The Westwood Witches 2
Sarah Northwood
No Longer A Stranger
Chloe Flanagan
Key Largo Summer
Alan Vandervoort
Eldon Farrell
The Gates To Faerie
Dan Melson
First to Fall: A Werewolf Shifter Romance Suspense (Moonlight Rogues Book 1)
Alexa Whitewolf
The Dead Show: Life After Series Book 3
Amanda Fasciano
RE:Camelot: The Complete Edition
E.C. Fisher
Dangerous Times (Skies of Fyir Book 0)
Gabriela Voelske
Reecah’s Flight: Epic Fantasy Series (Legends of the Lurker Book 1)
Richard H. Stephens
You’ll Never Walk Alone
Chris Hall
Sea Scope
Debbie De Louise
A Leopard in the Mist (The Kingdom of Durundal Book 3)
S.E. Turner
The Christmas Angel: A Tale of Redemption
S. Tilghman Hawthorne
Birth of a God: Second Book in the Source of Power Trilogy
Tony Lindblom
Dead Vessel (Life After Book 2)
Amanda Fasciano
The Korpes Agenda (The Korpes File Series Book 2)
J.I. Rogers
A Rose By Any Other Name
Joanne Van Leerdam
Ascension’s Lure: Magical Realism Fantasy (Book Seven of the Levels Of Ascension)
Amy Proebstel
The Virtual Lives of Godfrey Plunkett
Richard Storry
Different World: Part 5 of The Ambition & Destiny Series
VL McBeath
Circlet of Orchids: Inspired by a second chance love
Autumn Murray
Adventure in Malasorte Castle (Guardians of Val De Monio Book 1)
Julia E. Clements
Prelude: The Expanding Seas of Earth by J.H. Tabbott
J.H. Tabbott
Life According to Poetry
Sarah Northwood
Cupid’s Connection (Single On Valentine’s Day Book 3)
C.A. King
Cadie and Samuel: In the Interim: A Children of Corvus Short Story (The Children of Corvus Book 4)
L.E. Harrison
Burden of Truth: Sequel to After the Green Withered
Kristin Ward
Ties of Blood and Bone: The Second Book of Binding (The Books of Binding 2)
A.E. Lowan
Nothing But A Hound Dog: Klein’s K-9s Book 3 (Klein’s K-9s Service Dogs)
Marcia James
Mending the Ego: The Journey Continues (Ego Anthology Book 2)
K.G. Petrone
Merry Apocalypse (The Holiday Collection Book 2)
C.A. King
Instant Wisdom: 10 Easy Ways To Get Smart Fast (The Wiseism Series)
Beth Burgess
Second to Surrender (Moonlight Rogues Book 2)
Alexa Whitewolf
Vengeance of Hope: Can freedom ever be for all? (Silrith Book 1)
P.J. Berman
Plumb Twisted (A Fortuna, Texas Novel Book 2)
Rochelle Bradley
Light’s Eyes (Light in the Darkness Book 2)
Yvette Bostic
Masked Conspiracy (A Noah Knolls Thriller)
E.C. Fisher
Graysen Cooper
Robin Rance
A Peculiar School
J. Schlenker
A Time for Every Matter: A Christian Romantic Suspense Novel (An Offer of Grace Book 2)
Chloe Flanagan
So Wonderful as Want
Joyce DeBacco
Asylum: A Story by Ian Lahey, Illustrated by Hauke Vagt
Ian Lahey
When Shadows Creep
K. Brooks
Shifting Identities (Criminal Elements Book 3)
Clare Meyers & Cris Meyers
Fallen Prey: A Fallen Cross Legion Novel (The Fallen Cross Legion Book 1)
Aliya DalRae
Ascension Seekers: An Urban Fantasy Action Adventure (Book Six of the Levels of Ascension)
Amy Proebstel
The Mayor of Winchester Gates
Todd Lincoln Richards
Christmas Miracle on Christmas Day (The Christmas Miracle Series Book 8)
RM Gauthier
Dragonhaze: A Dragonhall Chronicles Novel (The Reasoner Trilogy Book 1)
Mirren Hogan
Haunted By a Moment
Dora Blume
Christmas Miracle on Thanksgiving (The Christmas Miracle Series Book 7)
RM Gauthier
Bitter Beauty: An ADR Short (Fallen Cross Pack Book 5)
Aliya DalRae
Waking Up Dead (Life After Book 1)
Amanda Fasciano
Marked by Fate: Whispers from Beyond Book Three
SK Wee
Calico: A Supernatural Suspense Novel (The Covenant Of Shadows Book 2)
Kade Cook
Do Not Open Until Halloween (The Holiday Collection Book 1)
C.A. King
Hidden Treasures in a Book: A Collection of Seven Children’s Tales Vol 1 (Hidden Treasures in a Book)
Mary Ann Vitale
After the Green Withered
Kristin Ward
The Girl With Acrylic Eyes: Coppelia’s Story (The Sophont Trilogy Book 1)
Greg Krojac
The Mafia and The Saints
Todd Lincoln Richards
Sleepless Flame
Odin V. Oxthorne
Smoke and Shadows
Joanne Van Leerdam
Dragonkin: Whispers From Beyond Book Two
SK Wee
The Final Lesson
Shakyra Dunn
The Dark Side Of Mother Moon
Bob Goddard
Deborah Teller Scott
The Voyage of the Entdecker: Book One of The Archipelago Series
B.A. Simmons
Bree Moore
Portrait of a Bitter Spy
RS Rowland
Light’s Rise (Light in the Darkness Book 1)
Yvette Bostic
Nun Worth Keeping: Team Zero, Book 1
SK Wee
Todd Lincoln Richards
The Witch's Touch
Rosie Wylor-Owen
Answering Ascension: Book Five of the Levels Of Ascension
Amy Proebstel
The Westwood Witches: A Secret Discovered
Sarah Northwood
Saving Tessa
Stephanie Barr
The Watcher of the Night Sky (The Aronia Series Book 1)
Rachel Pudsey
The Alien Diaries
Glenn Devlin
Reason To Die
Debbie De Louise
Only One Winner: Part 4 of the Ambition & Destiny Series
VL McBeath
Bitter Prophecy
S. Tilghman Hawthorne
Corvus (The Children Of Corvus Book 3)
L.E. Harrison
Finding The Fountain Of Youth (Shattering The Effects Of Time Book 1)
C.A. King
The Fractured Ego
K.G. Petrone
Dancing Through Dreams: Whispers From Beyond Book One
S. K. Wee
Curious Times
Joanne Van Leerdam
Faerie Rising: The First Book Of Binding (The Books Of Binding 1)
A.E. Lowan
Merula (The Children Of Corvus Book 2)
L.E. Harrison
Kenneth’s Queen (Women of the Dark Ages Book 1)
Anna Chant
Lac Du Mort And Other Stories
Joanne Van Leerdam
His Family’s Blood (Legend of the Family Dyer Book 2)
David W. Thompson
The Magpie’s Daughter (Faeries of the Revelation Book 1)
Fiona Skye
Murder at the Creek (Copperhead Creek - Australian Romance Book 6)
SM Spencer
Ascension’s Call: Book Four of the Levels of Ascension
Amy Proebstel
Turning Pages (The Arbiter Book 1)
Brhi Stokes
Where Dragons Follow: Return of the Malevir (Dragonwolder Book 2)
Susan Bass Marcus
A Poet’s Curse
Joanne Van Leerdam
The Oak: A Grown Up Fairy Tale
S.L. Dearing
The Belt of Orion: Nibiru Rising
J.R. Brienza
The Asgardian Prophecies: The Black Quasar
Amber Daniels & Charley Swanda
The Gold Dragon Caper: A Damien Dickens Mystery (Damien Dickens Mysteries Book 4)
Phyllis Entis
Blackbird (The Children Of Corvus Book 1)
L.E. Harrison
The Rain
E. C. Fisher
When Shadows Dance
S. Tilghman Hawthorne
The Ghosts of Morgan Street
P. J. Mann
The Royal Search for Shenanigans: The Secrets Of Zen Castle
Nita Marie Clark
A Travel in Time to Grand Pre: Second Edition
Michele Doucette
Kurintor Nyusi
Aaron-Michael Hall
Tabi Slick
A Roman Death
Joan O’Hagan
Mildred in Disguise: With Diamonds
Toni K Kief
Legend of the Night Unicorn
Sarah Northwood
Starburst: A Place to Call Home
Kae Galla
J. Schlenker
Cycles of Time – Revenge is Mine
KG Petrone
The One: A Cruise Through the Solar System
Eric Klein
Saving Hascal's Horrors
Laura Smith
The Ancient Tripod of Peace-A Teen Thief-Catcher’s Novel
Kalen Cap
Mother Moon
Bob Goddard
A Song for a Soldier
Emily Daniels
Nine Lives (The Bete Book 2)
Stephanie Barr
We Are Souls: Book 1: Rock
S A Field
The Double D Ranch (A Fortuna, Texas Novel Book 1)
Rochelle Bradley
Re:Camelot: Part One: The Descendant of the King
E. C. Fisher
The Rose Thief
Claire Buss
Sweet Destiny (The Jessica Sweet Trilogy Book 3)
Aliya DalRae
Cooking for Halflings & Monsters: 111 Comfy, Cozy Recipes for Fantasy-Loving Souls
Astrid Tuttle Winegar
Freedom (The Mystery Of Landon Miller Book 3)
R.M. Gauthier
The Artist: The Lives and Loves of Apollo Antonius Vidali
Lyra Shanti
Uninvited (Uninvited Book 1)
J.R. Morton
When Time Runs Out: Part 3 of The Ambition & Destiny Series
VL McBeath
Can't Fix Crazy
K.A. Duggsy
Forward to What Lies Ahead
Chloe S. Flanagan
Christmas Miracle on Valentine’s Day
R.M. Gauthier
Purgatory One
Kelly Scidmore-Sievers
Sister Witch: The Life of Moll Dyer (Legends of the Family Dyer Book 1)
David W. Thompson
Bitter End: Fallen Cross Pack: Book Four (Fallen Cross Pack Series 4)
Aliya DalRae
The Book of Abisan
C H Clepitt
Bitter Loss: Fallen Cross Pack: Book Three
Aliya DalRae
Curious Things: Stories of a black cat, superstition, and strange events
Joanne Van Leerdam
Heirs of Power (The Constellation Saga Book 1)
Kay MacLeod
Bitter Challenge: Fallen Cross Pack: Book Two
Aliya DalRae
Bitter Beginnings: Fallen Cross Pack: Book 1 (Fallen Cross Pack Series)
Aliya DalRae
Sandhills – A Novel
Alan Vandervoort
Dorothea's Advice for the Lovelorn
Cherie Mitchell
Brhi Stokes
Eagle in the Fridge
Zenta Brice
Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide
E. Rachael Hardcastle
Annette Spratte
The Korpes File (The 942 Series Book 1)
J. I. Rogers
Justice for the Lemon Trees
Jessica Lucci
Butterfly Dreams
Sarah Northwood
The Many Afterlives of John Robert Thompson
Valerie Lioudis
100 Wild Mushrooms: Memoirs of the 60’s
Eva Pasco
The Silver Feather
Joanne Van Leerdam
Footprints On The Other Side
Tobey Alexander
The War has Begun (Duty in the Cause of Liberty Book 1)
Charles E. Frye
Sea of Twisted Souls (Mystical Island Trilogy Book 3)
Megan Cutler
Orbs of Trenihgea: Science Fantasy (Rites of Heirdron Book 2)
Newland Moon
The Beast Within (The Bete Book 1)
Stephanie Barr
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